From Love to Revolution

Well Ladies, our first book club of the year was a success, although the book itself was not! Love in the Time of Cholera got a resounding D+ from our panel -- apparently not everything from the 80's is making a comeback these days. Even Penny reported that the movie wasn't so hot either...better luck next time.

Which brings me to our choices for rounds 2 and 3. We'd like to read some Dickens, and after batting around several titles A Tale of Two Cities came up strong. So please dive into the tale of Madame DeFarge and Co. -- simultaneous knitting projects optional. After that, we thought an American classic was in order -- perhaps Uncle Tom's Cabin? Or Huck Finn? Please comment below on your ideas.

A Tale of Two Cities night will be in early November -- details to follow. . .


Out of the Stacks said...

Vive la Revolution!

I am very keen on reading Uncle Tom's Cabin.

FYI: I will be in Cancun from Nov 8-15.

Ms. Grady said...

It is a far, far better thing than I have ever done. . . or it will be if I can make it to this meeting. Love the book choice for this month!

Robin said...

I can make the 10th, but the rest of that week is pretty full already. Maybe the week after would be better?

In any case, I'm determined to read more of AToTC than I managed in 9th grade (about 10 pages). It wasn't assigned, as such. We had to pick something like 4 out of 6 books on a list, and I decided to skip this one. About darn time I went back and gave it another try.

Penny said...

I'm looking forward the Dicken's idea and I love the idea of Uncle tom's Cabin (early plug:) for the following month. The 10th is Veteran's Day, and I may be out of town for the long weekend, but later in the week or the next week is better.