Best of Times, Worst of Times

Sound familiar? :) Hope you are enjoying Dickens' thrilling tale of the French Revolution, ladies...plenty of time to dive in! Discussion night details:

A Tale of Two Cities
Monday Nov. 17th @ 7pm
Chez Emily

Please RSVP in comments....and for all you Madame Defarge wannabes, bring your knitting! ;)


From Love to Revolution

Well Ladies, our first book club of the year was a success, although the book itself was not! Love in the Time of Cholera got a resounding D+ from our panel -- apparently not everything from the 80's is making a comeback these days. Even Penny reported that the movie wasn't so hot either...better luck next time.

Which brings me to our choices for rounds 2 and 3. We'd like to read some Dickens, and after batting around several titles A Tale of Two Cities came up strong. So please dive into the tale of Madame DeFarge and Co. -- simultaneous knitting projects optional. After that, we thought an American classic was in order -- perhaps Uncle Tom's Cabin? Or Huck Finn? Please comment below on your ideas.

A Tale of Two Cities night will be in early November -- details to follow. . .